VACMAC : An experiment, an expertise and a responsiveness at your service.


Present on the French-speaking Switzerland and Rhône-Alpes, we place at your disposal our expertise and our skills for a technical support in different fields such as works in radioactive zones (type B and C), ultra-high vacuum, cryogenics, mechanics, electricity and pneumatic energies.


Responsivesness, availability and rigour are our major assets in order to meet your needs.Our strength is our flexibility and ability to operate directly on the site.


Among our services :

  • Maintenance of Oil Pumps or Vane Pumps

  • Maintenance of Turbo Pumps (ALCATEL - ADIXEN - Pfeiffer)

  • Vacuum and ultra-high vacuum technologies

  • Helium leak detection

  • Cryogenics (use of liquid gas, cryogenic fluids for keeping cryostats cold).

  • Installation and modifications of superconducting magnets (or ion sources).
    All these elements can be use at high voltage (Faraday cage, high voltage cage).

  • Our technician's certificate in Expert in Radioprotection also allows us to achieve works in radioactive zones (type B and C).

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